Laying Instruction

DO NOT FIX ON FRESH SURFACE. Complete the base plaster at least 15 days prior to laying the tiles.

Arrange the tiles from 4-5 boxes as per the pattern of your choice before fixing see that they give desired blend of colour and also ensure that you are visually satisfied with the arrangement. please note a little variation in shades do occur in all ceramic products. There will be no liability of the company are fixed.

Do not put the tiles under any additional or outside processes like firing, printing etc. The company bears no liability in such circumstances.

Conventional cement-sand mixture can be used to fix the porcelain's joint free tiles on the floor. However. it is recommended to use proper adhesive only for fixing the tiles on walls. Also follow the instructions provided with such adhesives. DO NOT USE NEAT CEMENT.

These tiles can be fixed free of joints. without leaving the gap between two tiles However, it is recommended to provide a gap of 2-4mm at every six meters when the tiles are to be fixed on large areas. DO NOT PRESS THE TILES WITH ANY HEAVY MATERIAL IRON HAMMER ETC.

Wipe with a damp sponge and polish the tiles with a soft cloth after FIFTEEN MINUTES of fixing.

Use water or diluted soap solution for cleaning. Remove the residue of the soap solution by applying clean. soft moist cloth. moistened with clean water. DO NOT SCRUB OR SCRATCH THE SURFACE.

The company bears no liability towards the problems (if any) raised due to adhesives or lack of good workmanship / or supervision.